Gus - Retired
(Four Season's What's all the Fuss Gus?)
December 3, 2004 - April 27, 2016

OFA Hips Excellent | OFA Elbows Normal | CERF Clear
Black carrying Yellow and Chocolate

Woodlands Tanner Ch. Aquarius Kismet's Legacy at Corey
Riverside Bodhiattva At Lobuff
Delight Aquarius Courtside
Cedar Creeks Seirra Sundown Ch. Lufthase Fed Ex To Lobuff
Ch. Boradors Gussied Up
Belquest's Emily Belquest to the Point N' Back Ch. Nimloth Jumpin' Jack Flash
Ch. Belquest to the Point
Nimloth Valkyrie Belquest Ch. Nimloth Jumpin' Jack Flash
Nimloth Hand Me Down