Our Retired Dogs

Four Season's Fastest Dog on Earth
(Von Hausman & Ican's Smooth Operator X Findaway's Heaven Sent at Four Seasons)

SR941249/05      OFA Hips: Good       Yellow

After giving us a few litters, Flash has been retired. He is our son's dog and is now enjoying life hiking, and playing with his two German Shepherd sisters.

Flash's Page


Ican's Hollywood Harlett at Four Seasons, DN, DJ, RN, WC
(Am. Ch. Shiloh's Ican Stir Up The Fire X Von Hausman Track The Evidence Ican)

SR798751/01      OFA Hips: Good       Black carrying Yellow

Holly is living the amazing life of retirement spending her time at the lake,
dock diving, or in the pool with both of her families who love her so much.

Holly's Page


Four Season's Shot of Bailey's
(Von Hausman and Ican's Smooth Operator X Four Season's Irish Creme )

SR585007/01      OFA Hips: Good       Yellow carrying Chocolate

Jezebel is now enjoying life of retirement with our son and his family.

Jezebel's Page


Four Season's America Runs on Dunkin
(Beulahland's By George Str Qst X Mallorn's Cafe Mocca)

SR465240/09      OFA Hips: Good       Black carrying Yellow and Chocolate

Dunkin has now retired after a long and wonderful career as a stud dog here at Four Season's. He is enjoying his life of retirement here with us and his progeny, sitting by the pool during the summer and by the fireplace during the winter.

Dunkin's Page


Four Season's Daddy's Boy
(Von Hausman and Ican's Smooth Operator X Four Season's Eclipse)

SR977520/02      OFA Hips: Good       Black carrying Yellow and Chocolate

Elk's Page


Findaway's Heaven Sent at Four Season's
(Ch. Frakari Kool as Kiefer X Four Season's Pennys From Heaven)

SR783985/06      OFA Hips: Excellent       Yellow

Maddie has retired from our breeding program and has gone on to live with our friend/her breeder, Debbie and her family.

Maddie's Page


Four Season's Over The Rainbow
(Von Hausman and Ican's Smooth Operator X Four Season's Do You Believe in Magic)

SR825231/01      OFA Hips: Excellent       Yellow

Dorothy has been retired.
She now lives with and is loved by our dear friends, Ann & Jon.

Dorothy's Page


Four Season's Into The Blue, RATI
(Ican's Who Dat Edition of the Byeu X Four Season's Curse of the Black Pearl)

SR695662/01      OFA Hips: Good       Yellow

Zephyr is a sweet and gentle girl.
She is living the life of retirement with our daughter
and her small pack where she is loved and so spoiled.

Zephyr's Page


Four Season's Eclipse
(Grandquest Deuces Wild X Four Season's Little Rascal)

SR665104/01      OFA Hips: Good       Black carrying Yellow and Chocolate

Alice's Page


Von Hausman's Whiskey Girl
(BISSW Ch. WhiteWing Tail of Adventure, WC X Whitewing Beulahlands Hiccup )

SR636887/02      OFA Hips: Good       Yellow

July 17, 2010 - March 9, 2018

Rest easy my sweet, sweet girl. Taken far to soon.

Whiskey's Page


Four Season's Sweet Caroline, CGC, DN, DJ, DJA, DJX, DS, RN, WC
(Ican's Who Dat Edition of the Byeu X Four Season's Charmed One )

SR793123/01      OFA Hips: Excellent       Yellow

Caroline has been retired from the breeding program,
but watch out for her to continue to compete in many realms of canine sport,
including hunt test, barn hunt, dock diving, tracking, and rally!

Caroline's Page


Four Season's My Valentine
(Four Season's America Runs on Dunkin, CGC, TDI X Ican's Four Leaf Clover )

SR665106/01      OFA Hips: Excellent       Yellow

Honey is now retired. She have moved into her new home with her new dog sister, Daisy, and her new mom, Maggie.
She gets to be a spoiled house dog, run around her new farm and investigate the big pasture dogs (horses).
Honey comes back to visit occasionally with Daisy when their mom travels.

Honey's Page


Four Season's New Moon
(Grandquest's Deuces Wild X Four Season's Little Rascal)

SR665104/02      OFA Hips: Good       Black carrying Yellow and Chocolate

Emmett has now been retired. He lives with and is loved by our good friends
John and Marie in Massachusetts along with their other lab, Bella.

Emmett's Page


Four Season's Irish Creme
(Grandquest's Deuces Wild X Ican's Four Leaf Clover)

SR720865/01      OFA Hips: Good       Yelllow carrying Chocolate

Bailey has been retired from the breeding program. She now lives her life in our home as a spoiled house dog.
She remains a bed hog and lounges in her recliner every evening while watching television with the family.

Bailey's Page


Ican's Who Dat Edition to the Byeu
(Ch. Devonshire's Limited Edition X Ican's Blessed Event)

SR600395/01      OFA Hips: Good       Yelllow

December 21, 2009 - July 8, 2020

Wally's Page


Von Hausman and Ican's Smooth Operator

(Ch. Forsythe's Playboy X Von Hausman's D'Star Downtown)

SR701569/02      OFA Hips: Good       Yelllow

November 12, 2011 - April 2, 2017

We miss you, boy. Not a day goes by that your sudden passing doesn't hurt.
You will live on in your kids and the generations to come.

Auggie's Page


our Season's Call Me The Breeze
(Four Season's America Runs On Dunkin, CGC, TDI X Four Season's Free Bird)

SR699935/01      OFA Hips: Good       Yelllow

Breeze is now living the full time good life with our good friend Calvin. We thank him for sharing her with our daughter and allowing us to have three beautiful litters with this special girl.

Breeze's Page


Four Season's Lady Daphne

(Grandquest Deuces Wild X Ican's Princess Diana)

SR708050/01      OFA Hips: Excellent       Yellow carrying Chocolate

Daphne's Page


CeasarsCreek's Little Hocus Pocus
(CeasarsCreek's Just N Tyme X Ellsworth's Funny Bizness)

SR699935/01      OFA Hips: Good       Black carrying Yellow and Chocolate

Rowan is living the life of luxury with our good friends Hal and Sharon. She lives with her daughter as a constant playmate and comes back to visit us often.

Rowan's Page



Four Season's Charmed One
(Shiloh's Ican Light It Up X Shiloh's Ican B Liberated)

SR617974/01      OFA Hips: Good       Yellow

Phoebe is enjoying her retirement very much by laying on the couch all day, going for multiple daily car rides and being our constant companion.

Phoebe's Page



Four Season's Charmer
(Four Season's America Runs On Dunkin, CGC, TDI X Four Season's Charmed One)

SR737071/01      OFA Hips: Excellent       Black carrying Yellow

Payton's Page



Four Season's Do You Believe in Magic?
(CeasarsCreek Five Card Studd, CGC, TDI X Shiloh's Ican B Liberated)

SR617974/01      OFA Hips: Fair       Black carrying Yellow

Paige's Page



Four Season's Shot of Tequila
(CeasarsCreek Five Card Studd, CGC, TDI X Four Seasons 5 O'Clock Somewhere)

SR653553/01      OFA Hips: Excellent      Yellow

Perdi's Page



Centre Court Jewel at CeasarsCreek
(Ch. Rozzay Hunt Club Clayview Grady X Centre Court Silhouette)

SR526094/02      OFA Hips: Good       Black

Kassie's Page



Four Season's Free Bird
(Grandquest Deuces Wild X Nation's Sandpiper )

SR506884/01      OFA Hips: Good       Yellow carrying Chocolate

Birdie has been retired. She now lives the lazy dog life sleeping in a
recliner in our living room and sun bathing in the front yard.

Birdie's Page



Ican's Princess Diana
(Ch. Grandquest Ican Rock Your World X Belquest Molly III)

SR273130/01      OFA Hips: Good       Yellow

Di's Page



Four Seasons Curse of the Black Pearl
(Four Season's What's All The Fuss Gus? X Nation's Sandpiper)

SR349411/02      OFA Hips: Good       Black carrying Yellow

May 27, 2006 - June 9, 2020

Pearl's Page



Grandquest Deuces Wild
(Ch. Dickendall Davaron Gable X Grandquest Hocas Pocas)

SR146669/01      OFA Hips: Excellent       Yellow carrying Chocolate

February 18, 2004 - October 5, 2015

Deuce was one lucky dog. He had two families that loved him dearly and he touched so many peoples' lives.
He will live on through his children and his memory will remain in our hearts forever.

Deuce's Page



Four Season's 5 O'Clock Somewhere
(Starquest's Seasons Shakespeare X CeasarsCreek's Sunset Mist)

SR367276/01      OFA Hips: Excellent       Yellow

Tequila's Page



CeasarsCreek Five Card Studd, CGC, TDI
(Ch. Rozzays Hunt Club Clayview Grady X CeasarsCreek's Ace of Spades)

SR377461/01      OFA Hips: Good       Black Carrying Yellow

August 24, 2005 - March 12, 2018

Hunter's Page



Ican's Four Leaf Clover
(Living Legend Dirk X Topdawg ICan B Hot Like Tobasco)

SR189131/01      OFA Hips: Excellent       Yellow

June 30, 2004 - September 27, 2017

Chloe's Page



Shiloh's Ican B Liberated
(Am. Can. Ch. Shiloh's Scenic Sundancer, RN, CGC X Am. Can. Ch. Beulahlands Rebekah of Shiloh, CD, NA, NAJ, CGC)

SR161991/05      OFA Hips: Excellent       Yellow

March 20, 2004 - August 25, 2017

Libby's Page



Four Season's Little Rascal
(Four Seasons Tuckered Out X CeasarsCreek's Stormin' Kelli )

SR257519/09       OFA Hips: Good       Chocolate

May 1, 2005 - December 1, 2016

Darla's Page




Four Season's Spice Girl
(Fin. Ch. Loresho Ozzie X Blueteal Lucille)

SR173581/06       OFA Hips: Good       Chocolate

May 7, 2004 - January 4, 2018

Nutmeg's Page



CeasarsCreek's Stormin' Kelli
(Loresho Havanna X CeasarsCreek Lelea)

SR126574/02       OFA Hips: Good       Chocolate

Kelli's Page



CeasarsCreek's Everybody Wants Some
(CeasarsCreek's Just N Time X CeasarsCreek's Bright Horizons)

SR509121/01       OFA Hips: Good       Chocolate

Eddie's Page


Starquest's Design By Armani, CGC, TDI
(Ch. Ghostone Hyspire Dressed To Impress X Mtn. Meadow Hey Mickie)

SR304754/02       OFA Hips: Good       Yellow

November 6, 2005 - April 28, 2017

Calvin's Page


Starquest's Evening Sky
(MULTI BPISS Can. Ch. Chablais Magnum X Mtn. Meadow Sky's The Limit)

SR384262/02       OFA Hips: Good       Black Carrying Yellow

Luna's Page


CeasarsCreek's Haley's Comet
(Ch. Cavens Coca-Mo Brute X Loresho Zell-O)

SR053683/06       OFA Hips: Good       Black Carrying Chocolate

December 9, 2002 - March 12, 2018

Haley's Page


Keepsake's Punkin Pie
(Keepsake's Great Balls of Fire X Keepsakes Red Velvet)

SR319711/02       OFA Hips: Good       Fox Red (Yellow)

Punkin's Page


Nation's Sandpiper
(Nation's Robert the Bob X Nation's Best Girl)

SR155797/02       OFA Hips: Fair        Optigen: A        Yellow

March 7, 2004 - March 28, 2015

"Piper, forever my baby, my grumpy old lady, my first true love. You will always be with me, by my side.
Your memory lives on with me through your daughter, grandchildren, great grandchildren and more generations to come.
I love you forever, ~Aprille"

Piper's Page


Nation's Lilly Belle
(Nation's Robert the Bob X Nation's Best Girl)

SR106221/02       OFA Hips: Fair        Yellow

August 24, 2003 - February 26, 2016

Fly high with the angels Lilly Belle. We know you and your sister are together watching over your people.

Lilly's Page


Beulahland's By George Str Qst
(Ch. Pointed White Wings Formal Attire X Starquest's Ice Breaker)

SR007503/01        OFA Hips: Good         Black Carrying Yellow and Chocolate

George's Page


Four Season's Rita's Revival
(Grandquest Deuces Wild X Mtn Meadow's Pip Squeak)

SR478145/01       OFA Hips: Good        Yellow

January 23 , 2008 - May 2, 2018

Rita's Page


Mtn Meadow Pip Squeak
(Ch. Springbok Out'a Sight X Mtn Meadow Lady Godiva)

SR207569/05        OFA Hips: Good         Black Carrying Yellow

August 20, 2004 - February 22, 2018

Pip's Page


Mallorn's Cafe Mocca
(Bubbling Picasso X Tjotte's Pure Colour at Mallorn's)

SR191652/01        OFA Hips: Good         Chocolate

Mocca's Page


CeasarsCreek's Sunset Mist
(Fin. Ch. Loresho Ozzie X Loresho Inch By Inch)

SR164883003       OFA Hips: Good       Black carrying Yellow and Chocolate

March 26, 2004 - July 2, 2013

Misty's Page


Starquest Seasons Shakespeare
( Multi BPISS Can. Ch. Chablais Magnum X Avalon's The Wild Seventies)

SR253618/01       OFA Hips: Good       Yellow

Willie's Page


Four Seasons Tuckered Out
(Keepsakes Beau Webster X Breezy's Private Dancer)

SR162105/04       OFA Hips: Good       Chocolate

Tucker's Page


Four Seasons What's All the Fuss Gus?
(Woodlands Tanner X Belquest's Emily)

SR222590/01        OFA Hips: Excellent        Black carrying Yellow and Chocolate

December 3, 2004 - April 27, 2016

Gus's Page


Belquest's Emily
( Belquest to the Point n' Back X
Nimloth Valkyrie Belquest )
SN604395/04        OFA Hips: Good         Black carrying Yellow and Chocolate

October 10, 1998 - March 9, 2011

Emily's Page


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